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This is the part 2 to the post I made for Madness Day 2021.

I was originally going to make this just the powers for my OC in the Madness world, but I've decided that these are also his powers in the "not Madness world" too. I'm writing out his powers instead of making an animation showing them because I'm not very good at animation yet, and I don't have the time. What do I look like, Gabriel Barsch?!

Anyway, pls don't make fun of me for writing out his "powers," it's cool >:C

I wanted to give him something unique, so I decided that he can basically bite through anything. Doors, walls, hot-dogs, you name it. Once he swallows the item, he can use its properties to his advantage. For example, let's say he swallows a gun and a magazine. (Not the kind for reading) (reference lol) He can shoot the bullets he swallowed at the speed of the gun he swallowed. Or, if he swallows a sword, h i s t o u n g u e c a n s l i c e y o u i n h a l f !

Obviously, the effects wear off after a certain amount of time, or when he runs out of the amount he swallowed. There's also his hammer. Surprisingly, he cannot bite through his hammer! His hammer is very powerful, and does some of the lifting of itself for him. Basically, it's heavy, but not for him. Also, it's kind of like Mjolnir since he can throw it and it can come back to him.

I can't believe I just wrote an essay about my own OC.

P l e a s e d o n ' t m a k e f u n o f m e


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